Our Story

Meet the team and find out more about our story.

Leisure Caravans is a business that was inspired by our lives!  Dedicated to helping others experience the freedom and adventure of caravan holidays without the upfront expense of purchasing their own van, we love to see the smiles on our customers' faces when they return from their best holiday ever!


Who we are

Richard & Steph

As a compromise, we purchased a pop-up Jayco Swan so that we could be more comfortable.  Soon, Steph grew to love camping (in the Swan) and we decided to take a 3-month holiday around Queensland.  After some discussion, we decided that the small pop-up camper didn’t meet our needs for such a long trip.  We purchased a Franklin Core 220 caravan with a queen bed, triple bunks, shower, toilet, washing machine and air-con - no comfort spared for our longest ever holiday.

At the time, Steph was working ultra-hard as Mum, Accountant and everything in between. Richard had completed two large house renovations and with recent changes to the banking rules, couldn’t get a loan for the next renovation project.  So, a phone call to our good mate Anthony Clarke from Ray White, Nundah and he arranged a lovely couple to rent our house for a year. The next day, Steph resigned from her job and we began frantically packing all our belongings into a shipping container. On 8 July 2018 our young family left for our three-month adventure around QLD with not much of a plan, very little booked and destinations unknown.

WE LOVED IT! Best decision ever!

When we arrived back in Brisbane in October, ready for the boys to start Term 4 at school, we found they weren’t behind in their learning at all - in fact, their reading (among other things) had actually improved!  We were more relaxed and no longer burnt out… but now we couldn’t stop thinking about caravans and holidaying.

Our trip had changed our family's life for the better and we began to realise that there would be many families that needed to take a break and refuel, just as we had.  With this in mind, we decided to offer our original Jayco Pop-top for others to hire, as well as our new Franklin. Since then we have now purchased two more caravans to add to our hire out fleet being A New Age and a Jayco Expanda Caravan.

 Now that we have some experience up our sleeves and with 5-star reviews and testimonials from our customers, we have started managing other people’s caravans. People who would like to make a bit of money from their vans but without the hassle, and very importantly, people who want their vans really well looked after while they’re away on hire.

And we strive to do just that! Just pick up the phone and find out – easy!

So here we are – LEISURE CARAVANS – Glamping not camping….