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With Leisure Caravans

Do you own a caravan that you only use occasionally?  You could be earning money by hiring it out to others, and we make the process easy.

By listing your van with us, we manage everything for you, leaving you to reap the rewards.  We will take care of:

— Advertising your van and managing customer enquiries and bookings
— Customer payments, including managing a security bond for your peace of mind
— Handovers and returns from the customers takes place at our business address
— Thoroughly cleaning your van after every hire

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We Help You Answer the Question of "How Do I Hire My Caravan?"

Do you find yourself wondering, "How do I hire out my caravan?". Let us help. The professionals at Leisure Caravans provide you with the resources and insight you need to help you answer the question of "How can I safely rent out my caravan in Australia?".

Benefits of Working with Leisure Caravans

There are numerous advantages of working with our company when you're thinking, "I would like to rent someone my caravan". A few examples of why we should be your first choice are:

  • Assistance with advertising: Part of the process of renting out your caravan is advertising it to people that may be interested in using it. We take the guesswork out of this step by advertising your caravan on your behalf and helping you to manage any interest or bookings. Our customer service team remains in constant communication with you so you can rest assured that your caravan is always in safe hands.
  • Organising payments: Our team takes care of making sure that you get paid promptly for renting your caravan. We organise a security bond and pass all payments directly to you at an agreed time. Our staff also manages handovers and returns of your caravan at our location.
  • Cleaning your van: We do not believe that you should be responsible for cleaning your van if it is rented out by one of our other customers. Our team takes care of meticulously cleaning your van after every use, so you receive it back in nothing less than excellent condition. If you see something amiss with the condition of your caravan, we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible so we can address the issue.

Related Services We Provide to Renting Out Your Caravan

We offer more than just options when you are thinking, "I want to rent out my caravan". Other services that we offer are:

  • Helpful guidance: Are you planning a caravan holiday but you aren't sure of the best places to visit? You should consult our resource guide. Our team compiled a variety of information on the best places to go on a road trip, things that you should do while on holiday and where you should stop to camp. If you are travelling with your family, we also supply you with school term dates so you can plan around your child's school year.
  • Motorhome options: If you are looking for a peaceful getaway for you and your significant other, you should consider renting our 5 Star Couples Retreat Motorhome  - Brisbane. This fantastic motorhome gives you all the flexibility of exploring the surrounding areas while still providing you and your spouse all the amenities of home. The motorhome features a built-in bathroom with a toilet and shower as well as a kitchenette.
  • Family lodgings: Our caravans are ideal for large family holidays. The New Age Manta Ray #3 is perfect for a family trip in the great outdoors. This caravan can sleep up to five people and includes a queen-size bed as well as three bunk beds. There is a washing machine in the van as well as an indoor shower and toilet.

About Leisure Caravans

The professionals at Leisure Caravans enjoy providing our customers with the flexibility to rent out their caravans or hire one for a personal holiday. We are your one-stop shop for anything caravan related and pride ourselves on supplying you with excellent customer service.

When you are ready to say, "I want to hire out my caravan", reach out to us through our contact page.