Jayco Caravan Hire

Make the Most of Your Holiday with Jayco Caravan Hire

If you love camping, but your partner isn't so sure, Jayco caravan hire from Leisure Caravans can give you the best of both worlds. At Leisure Caravans, we loved caravanning so much that we made it our business.

Benefits of Jayco Hire in Brisbane

Among our numerous options, we find that many of our customers are excited to hire a Jayco Swan from us and set out on their next adventures. Here are a few of the reasons so many people love the Jayco Swan.

  • More living space. If you want to truly relax and enjoy your holiday, you'll need lots of storage and sleeping space, particularly if you are travelling with children. The Jayco caravan offers plenty of room to fit your whole family comfortably. The canvas foldout sleeping compartments provide something extra - an experience close to sleeping under the stars.
  • The comforts of home. With Jayco Swan hire in Brisbane, you'll enjoy spacious and comfortable beds, a full kitchenette featuring a fridge, microwave, and rangehood, a roomy dining room setting, stylish furniture, and ample storage space. This kind of comfort means that you'll be anticipating your next holiday before your current one is even done.
  • Smoother and safer travel. This caravan features JTECH suspension, developed over two years of testing covering thousands of kilometres on poor-quality roads. The purpose of this type of suspension is to keep your caravan strong, safe, and stable even in harsh Australian conditions. It provides a smoother ride, greater stability, and more precise handling, making owing easier than ever.

Jayco caravans are hugely popular with Australians because of their compact design, ease of towing, and excellent value.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Jayco Swan Hire

Whether this will be your first caravan holiday or your 20th, caravan hire offers the fun and freedom of a road trip with the comfort of home wherever you go. You can be sure to get the most out of your experience by following these tips.

  • Plan. There are many decisions to make as you're planning your trip, such as what type of caravan you'd like to rent, where you'd like to go, and what you'd like to do along the way. With these questions answered, you'll be able to create your budget, plan meals, and put together an itinerary. Making a plan for your trip well before you set out is essential to getting the most out of your caravan rental.
  • Choose destinations that offer something for everyone. One of the best parts of travelling by caravan is that you are free to go wherever you want. Whether you decide to visit the beach, a national park, or a luxury caravan resort, make sure you include something for everyone along the way. Don't forget to look for activities for any kids you have with you and make sure that you and your partner will have some time alone as well.
  • Research specific campgrounds or parks. When you're deciding where to stay and looking into campgrounds and caravan parks, make sure that you read reviews from people who stayed there and took similar trips to the one you're planning. Be sure that you choose places to stay that have all the features and functionalities that you want. Keep in mind that private campgrounds and parks are typically pricier than discount communities, such as KOAs.

About Leisure Caravans

If you're looking for a Jayco Swan for hire, Leisure Caravans can help. If some members of your family want to camp and others don't – a common situation – then a caravan trip is the perfect solution. Bring the comforts of home with you on the road and make everyone happy with caravan hire from Leisure Caravans. Contact us today to learn more.